Visit our network of sites: The speakers on the Acer Aspire One make lowend notebook speakers sound great. The layout is a bit tricky to get used to, as you click on the hard palmrest surface, and try to scroll on the touchpad button. The case does not separate as easily as others to access vital components like RAM or the hard drive. Gaming performance is limited with the low-end Atom-based system, but some games can still be operated at decent framerates. New YouTube said to be slower on Microsoft Edge.

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Acer Aspire One D257 (Atom N455)

Acer aspire one d527 the One warms up and needs more cooling the fan speed increases to a very annoying level. Acer Aspire One D netbook. The layout is a bit tricky to get aspir to, as you click on the hard palmrest surface, and try to scroll on the touchpad button. Glossy plastic is found on the top of the screen cover, as well as around the entire LCD.

Android P will hit the streets in mid-August Click to load scer. It’s fun acer aspire one d527, but don’t get excited. The most surprising thing from a reviewing standpoint was this subnotebook giving benchmark results in every program we could throw at it.

This is not par for the course though, as many other netbooks have limited resolutions or other odd quirks acsr prevent most of the standard benchmarking programs to give valid results. Compared to the previous Aspire One models, the acer aspire one d527 D acer aspire one d527 a new touchpad that makes use of a single-button design, a more attractive front lid as well as softer, less rigid lines that make the whole netbook look more dynamic and compact.


For those of you that don’t remember, the D is powered by a dual-core Intel Atom N processor, which runs at 1.

Compared to other netbooks that share similar features, the D distinguished itself thanks to the inclusion of the Android 2. It stands out in a busy office setting and in a quiet classroom would get even the teachers attention.

If you are able to get used to the touchpad button layout ends up aer being that bad at all. It’s a blatant and poor copy of Overlord.

Acer Aspire One D netbook.

The touchpad design is slightly unique compared to aspiee netbooks and notebooks in general, with the buttons on each side of the touch surface. Visit our network of sites: Great features and a really, really small bezel.

Noise is the one category where the Aspire One stands out, and not in a good way. HD video content was aspirs out of the question, even with acer aspire one d527 optimized video codecs such as CoreAVC.

The acer aspire one d527 cover feels especially strong, which is important for protecting the relatively fragile LCD panel.

Acer’s Redesigned Aspire One D257 Gets Listed in Europe

No details regarding the hardware specifications of the netbook were released acer aspire one d527 with the pictures, but taking a look at the available connection ports, it becomes clear that the D doesn’t support high definition video playback as it lacks an HDMI port.

The average load on the processor was percent. No details regarding pricing and availability of the Acer Aspire One D were disclosed. Build quality looks solid for a subnotebook acer aspire one d527 the construction feels strong enough to handle being tossed around inside a bookbag without much concern for its safety well apart from the glossy surfaces.


The keyboard is cramped compared to a fullsize notebook, but is easy to get the hang of with enough practice. Great features and a really, really small bezel.

Product support

The temperatures in the images below are listed in degrees Fahrenheit:. Viewing angles are better than average, with a broad sweet spot. For scrolling through long webpages, especially with mini touchpads, page up and page down keys can provide a more accurate way of navigating a webpage or document at a fast pace. This area is prepped with a SIM-card port for obvious 3G features, but unless you can solder on your own connector you are out of luck.

Compared to acer aspire one d527 netbooks that share similar features, the D distinguished itself thanks to the inclusion of the Android 2. My only complaint was the removable of the additional Mini-PCIe slot which could acer aspire one d527 been used for future aspirf upgrades without asipre a completely acer aspire one d527 machine. The keyboard maintains a temperature a bit above room temperature and the asire is slightly warmer.

Outlook can now sync draft folders between devices.