I think you should mention that that file should also contain these lines: It’s in the following format: Only way I could figure out how to get this to work is to move the code into the dovecot-sql. For a user database, you need to set also uid, gid and preferably also home see VirtualUsers. Hi Tony… Thanks for your nice feedback.

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With the instruction here I always fail … any help??? Let us now configure Dovecot which will userxb several things for us: If you already have emails stored on your server from previous versions of this ISPmail guide you need to change:.

Chroot to given directory. That will only make your Dovecot installation less secure. What to do if the userdb lookup had an internal failure default: The usernames in the passwd and shadow files are expected to contain only the user part, no usefdb. Remove this field entirely.


This allows returning multiple extra fields in one TAB-separated field. If you deliver to john example. Reply Hallo Christoph, thanks for your replay! Lua script for authentication v2. So thank you so much for your great work and keep going on with it! Fundierte Information, und vor allem: Empty startup greeting localhost: You can create, for example, one vmail user which owns all the mails, or you can assign a separate UID for each user.


I greatly appreciate your effort — and the fact that you make your knowledge freely available… Looking forward to your next writings on this tutorial!!

Multiple passwd files You can use all the variables in the passwd-file doveoct, for example: Before we get to the actual configuration for security reasons I recommend that you create a new system user that will own all virtual mailboxes. My problem at the moment: But we want to use the MySQL database backend so go ahead and change this block to:. In that case the easiest way to get Dovecot running is to use the static userdb: Hello all, My certs mailserver.

AuthDatabase/SQL – Dovecot Wiki

Dovecott do not use the ISPmail guide yet. Some folks on the Internet suggest to add the following line: That one letter at the end… Thank you very much for your help, and thanks a ton for the great tutorials. Return success, don’t continue to the next userdb. Gestern habe ich meinen neuen Server mit Debian Wheezy eingerichtet.


UserDatabase/Static – Dovecot Wiki

If anyone has ideas on what might be wrong, please advise! This drops out the domain from the username. The current Wheezy tutorial deals with Wheezy’s Dovecot version which is 2. But I think this issue is not related to dovecot. When trying to run: You should also make sure that only root can access the SQL configuration file so nobody else is reading your database access passwords:. The reason why I was asking is that I do not see auth-sql.

If you have no idea how you want your users to be configured, select some Userddb and follow its instructions. First all actual settings are first read into memory.