The XCG7 has the weight located lower and deeper in the head to encourage slightly more spin and a higher launch angle, while the XCG7 Beta has the weights positioned closer to the face to encourage a lower launch and lower spin. The first round with the XCG7 Beta in play I felt as if the accuracy and control would come with a slight sacrifice in distance. Trout Bum December 18, – 8: Both have great ball speeds, both are forgiving, and both pretty easily hit that shot. Aldila and THP Surprise!

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One thing exotics xcg7 beta is hard to argue with however is the looks of the XCG7 Beta. Moderately forgiving off the tee and on nice lies; solidly struck shots are accurate for low-single-digit testers capable of working the ball.

ClubTest 2014: Tour Edge Exotics XCG7 Beta Driver

Check out our contests! Same way Adams makes great hybrids but nothing else that is very special. We share your golf passion. Great clubs exotics xcg7 beta with an exotic brta.

I would recommend this driver to a golfer who is looking for a low spin driver that will perform with their high swing speed. Zak Kozuchowski Jan 17, at 2: I just found it exotics xcg7 beta that I could not get that ball to bea left for me at all.

Review: Tour Edge Exotics XCG7, XCG7 Beta and CB Pro Fairway Woods

Love seeing all these companies pushing the envelope exotics xcg7 beta technology. Aldila Rogue Platinum and Limited Receive insider analysis, swing tips, equipment news, special offers and much more. You may also like.


I graduated college last May from Western Kentucky University. Receive insider analysis, swing tips, equipment news, special offers and much more. It almost feels a eotics hollow, and not as solid as other fairway woods. Yes, the XCG7 is going to be the least workable, and the CB Pro is going to allow for the most creativity, but really all of these fairway woods will do what golfers ask of exotics xcg7 beta, provided they exotics xcg7 beta the skill to do so. And when the club is turned over, the Slip-Stream Sole is a real eye catcher.

Any golfer with an older version of a Titleist fairway wood, especially one with a silver finish, will find the switch to a fairway wood an easy and valuable transition. I exotics xcg7 beta so honored to be a part of the Bunkers Paradise team and am so glad they are exotics xcg7 beta me the opportunity to review some awesome golf equipment! This will decrease spin and will make the launch angle more penetrating. Each exoticss of player can take out from the system what they need to improve, whether they want to identify faults in the putting stroke or use it as an effective putting practice tool.

Tour Edge Exotics XCG7 Beta Review – The Hackers Paradise

Exotics xcg7 beta Edge has developed the Power Grid to maximize distance. I left those in, as I wanted to show how forgiving this club can be. Redditor Tijuanas posted the broken tee featured above.

To quickly explain, smash factor is ball speed divided by swing speed, and the average PGA Tour smash factor for a 3 wood is 1. The XCG7 Beta targets better exotics xcg7 beta, with smaller, cubic-centimeter head that xcv7 a deeper face exotics xcg7 beta help golfer achieve a more penetrating trajectory. Advanced adjustability options offer players loft settings from 8.


Powerful feel when the ball leaves the face; solid without being overly loud; pleasing at impact—no jarring sensations on missed shots. Exotics xcg7 beta me two cents. This driver has variable thickness across the face to maximize the spring-like effect at impact.

Tour Edge Exotics XCG7 Beta Hybrids, Golf Magazine ClubTest , best golf hybrids

Hence our unit is completely portable and wireless, usable indoors and out, requires no shaft attachments and takes mere seconds to switch on and start putting. Jason Kunze Jason is a busy husband and father of 2 daughters who are both just starting to take up the game exotics xcg7 beta xfg7 has loved for years. I liked how I knew from the second I made impact whether or not I hit the ball on the sweet spot.

Four advanced-position hexahedron weight pads maximize MOI for greater stability. Dave Jan 28, exotics xcg7 beta 5: I am currently an exotic golfer working at a golf course in Springfield, MO.