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All rights are reserved. You can get the linker scripts here: It can be compiled with Microchip’s CCompiler, even with the free version of the compiler. Now Windows should detect a new USB device. To fit the bootloader into the bootblock, we can stirp unnecessary functions from the source code, like code for showing the status of the bootloader via 4 different LEDs. For Microsoft Windows XP: See the steps shown below.

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Index of /Microcontrollers/MicroChip-PIC/USB code/Pc/MCHPUSB Driver

The bootloader checks if pin RB4 is low or high: In the project file the path settings point to the default C18 compiler directory c: It can be compiled with Microchip’s CCompiler, even with the free version of the compiler.

In general, there mchpusn two different procedures: It will not be necessary to restart the system.

I had no problems in writing data to the USB device, but after reading data, the USB connection was halted after about 30 seconds. This area is usually used by the application software itself. Now Windows should detect a mchousb USB device.

This is not the default option. Fortunately, the source code of the bootloader firmware is available. Click the Browse button to open the Windows Browse for Folder dialog.


Choose the option “select manually The system will copy and install the driver files, and indicate when the process is finished.

See the steps shown below. Regardless of the operating system, it should not be necessary to close any open applications prior to the driver installation. A confirmation mail for the comments will be send to you.

Now again try to build the project via “Project – Build All” as described earlier. Digging around the internet did not solve my problem, but it did give me the right hints to find the solution and it’s actually quite simple. So check your circuit and cable when this error occurs! Please make sure mvhpusb the bootloader entry condition e.

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Installing the USB Device Driver Because of the differences in USB implementation for different versions of Microsoft Windows, the installation of the driver varies with the operating system being used. Application Software for usage of the Bootloader Programs which shall be flashed with the bootloader need to be adapted since the bootloader uses the memory area 0x to 0x7FF.


You can get it here: JP1 controls the bootloader entry. But this has nothing to to with the normal oparations mode midi over USB.


For Microsoft Windows XP: You can get the linker scripts here: Navigate to the directory. After that the PIC has to be reset. If you use the free version of the C18 compiler, the linker will fail since the generated code exceeds the boot block size.

Select “install from disk” and browse to the following location: How to compile the USB-Bootloader from Microchip Since the bootloader is designed for the Microchip demo board, the configuration of the bootloader possibly will not fit for your project.

LED blinking demo application: So the following changes are required: If you have installed the compiler in a different directroy, you have to modify the path settings in MPLAB. You can download it here: The bootloader starts mchpsub Power-On or Reset.