This seems to be similar issue than with NanoKey from Korg. Local is turned off on the keyboard. If there is not an audio cable connected to your keyboard, that suggests that you are controlling another source of audio a softsynth in Sonar or freestanding in your computer, a synthesizer built in to your sound card etc. You will also want to bookmark the following link: So this makes me think there is something awry with the Yamaha-with-drivers solution because the newer-keyboard-without-drivers works fine. Recording with a yamaha s90 and midi Sign in to disable this ad.

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As I said, have done this for years.

However, you are not allowed to reply to this post. You then need to decide what ya,aha you want the Sonar midi track to control.

MIDI question – trying to use a Yamaha S90ES as a MIDI controller

The time now is yamaha s90 midi But it sounds pretty awesome compared to using General Midi. And it also always chooses some weird voice that has nothing to yamaa with the voice I’m playing. Exit any open applications and close all open windows.

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Simply put software engineers see everything as “in the box” Midii, Yamaha s90 midi don’t know the newer device you used as an example that just connected does it have even have a driver, or does it just use the generic driver? I would like to play organs and strings on the top tier and have pianos and e. That being said, click the download button, and apply the present software yamaaha your product.

You have to go in there and set each channel before you connect the USB connection, which I thought “omni” yamaha s90 midi took care of all that. But the Yamaha s90 has great sounds in comparison and I would rather use the sounds from the keyboard somehow. In other words, the USB connection seems to act like an audio yamaha s90 midi instead of a MIDI interface, and I’m not able to play and record soft synth plugins to tracks using the keyboard.

There is a lil’ ol’ thing in the midi spec called a program change command. Hopefully it is more obvious when you are running the program. Do not forget to check with our site as often as possible in order to stay updated on the latest drivers, s900 and games.

And it is still active so we are not sure where you were looking but obviously it was not yamaha s90 midi the official Yamaha download site. Maybe I have got a bit confused. I have a S90 ES that I’ve had for a mid years now. Essentials Only Full Version.

Recent Drivers  DRIVERS FOR L1515S

I have not since upgraded to OSX Yosemite Previous Topic Index Next Topic. In my experience, by the time I have collected the information needed and organized it to form a clear question for the forum, I yamaha s90 midi already found the answer most of the time.

Scott — Scott R. I own an Yamaha S90es. I assume it’s possible to use the midi cable I have yamaha s90 midi run it from the computer to the keyboard and have it run as a slave and yamaja output the keyboard to my board and record the sounds.

I’ve read through this thread, and did everything exactly as stated.

Yamaha S90 and Midi – MusicPlayer Forums

Does it allows to select ports by number So my computer can “see” my keyboard, but MainStage does not recognize any key presses. Accepted Answer Pending Moderation. User Control Yamaha s90 midi Log out. Win a free i2i Stream Wireless Music Pack, go to: